Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 6, Cesena, Italy

October 27th

- Woke up at around 8am and thankfully didn't have interrupted sleep like before.  We had the window open.  Same wonderful breakfast as yesterday.  Packed up our gear and away we went to the town of Cezena.
- The countryside of Italian was pleasant.  Rolling hills, expansive fields, mountain ranges in in the horizon.  We stopped by the truck stop for a bite and stretch our legs.  I was amazed at how the truck stops are, in addition to a gas station and having a sandwich bar/ coffee bar, a fully stocked dry goods store and restaurant.  What you buy as gourmet sandwiches and European luxuries in Montreal was what they served at the truck stop.  Amazing boccocini tomato sandwiches.  Piles of premium chocolate.  Giant sides of Prosciutto and various cured meats.  A selection of cheeses.   Dry pasta.  Coffee.  Wine.  Fruit juice. 
- We continued on, and I noticed the landscape change industrial buildings and factories and such.  Eventually we got to a town just outside of Cezena.  I noticed that there were a lot of asians in the town.   Peculiar.
- The venue for the night was called Sidro Bar, and it was the local place around town where rock shows happened.  The owner/manager was named Leo and was friendly.  The bar was small, but the stage was big enough for us.  The drums there had this awesome leopard print on them.  At this point I was cursing every time I had to pick up the hardware bag for the drums.  I guess it was borrowed form someone, but clearly it was left in the basement or something in disuse because some cat had pissed all over the bag and it fuckin reeked of cat piss.  It was so rank that even the hardware had a faint, pee smell.  And cat piss is the WORST.  Our van  had a distinct raunch to it when we left the bag inside.  I would wash my hands every time I touched the hardware bag. 
- So anyways, we sound checked and needed to eat.  It turns out that we were crashing at the bar owner's place that night but we wouldn't be able to go there until after the show.  This meant that we were stuck at the bar all night.  We couldn't find a room where we can relax from all the traveling and get away from being in a bar.  A little disgruntled, we accepted our condition.  Dinner was also served at the bar, but it was disappointing pub-style pizzas with some salad.  I'm sure we everyone would have like to eat something a little bit more substantial, but we were a little stranded in that Silvatorre was supposed to be driving us around and feeding us and essentially this is all we were getting.  What was difficult was the lack of fresh vegetables, where our diet until now consisted a lot of breads and cheese. 
 - Thankfully we were able to go downstairs to the basement where at least we had a space that wasn't crowded with people.  We sat down in wobbly chairs amongst empty beer kegs and random boxes of crap and supplies.  Someone had set up a home recording studio down there so there was a room down there set up with gear.  He would be able to record the show for that night.
- There were these French dudes from Africa having drinks and John was chatting them up.  It turns out that one of them had been to Montreal before.  During our show, they saved our asses in that they were the most enthusiastic people dancing and having a good time.  Everyone else kinda sat on the fringes of the bar, standing and just watching, kinda bopping around.  Oh, and the bar maid didn't have underwear on.  You could totally see her crack, but I guess she didn't care.  When she turned around it would always catch your eye 'cause her pants hung real low and her shirt was too short for cover.
- We were pretty tired after the show, so Chris, Averil and I just sat around downstairs for a bit.  John was up there hawking Cd's as usual.  Eventually those french dudes became really annoying as they got more drunk.  They kept laying into John to go hit on Italian chicks, but then cock blocking him by being really aggressive with their own attempts. 
- We loaded our shit in the van and we're all ready to go and we're waiting for John to get in the van because he found some people to chit chat with.  Bobby was all miffed because everyone was all cleared out of the basement and he thought we were coming back tomorrow to get our gear and hadn't packed up his shit.  He had trouble getting it together because he was also drunk.
- We got to Leo's place and found it to be pretty nice.  He had a room dedicated to bands to crash there as there were several places to sleep with bunk beds.  Averil got her own room and all the guys slept in the band room.  I had interrupted sleep because there was this orchestra of snores going on at night, and I couldn't figure out who was who.  Occasionally a fart or two would make accents. 

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