Monday, November 8, 2010

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Hey you Feztone Fanatics!
This here is Lew Dacts, the drummer for the Feztones. This is the raw, tell-it-like-is, "more authentic than the real thing" account of the Feztones in Europe. Written in a short-hand, point form style to make sure that reading (and for my sake, the writing) can be done as fast as possible so you can avoid being caught procrastinating at work.  I've made an attempt to look over my chicken scratch notes only to realize that my entries were wrought by alcohol and travel fatigue. Though some details are glossed over, exaggerated or completely forgotten, I've managed to decipher my notes and cobbled together, (with plenty of grammatical errors), a collection of vague memories that perhaps add to the "realness" of the experience. Undoubtedly, your reading will make you vicariously experience the mundane to be an adventure and the most unbelievable event to be something that happens everyday while sleeping off a heavy hangover stuffed inside a van for 6 hours.

I hope you enjoy!

~ Lew Dacts

Fuad and The Feztones are:
Fuad Ramses - Voice and guitar
Rich 'N Ready - bass
Qatar Slim - keyboards
 Tip Hazard - "saxophone"
Lew Dacts - drums

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