Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 7 Cesena, Italy

October 28th

- The next morning I got up around 10 or 11am to see John and Chris watching a Ray Charles dvd.  Leo was also a niche era collector and had all sorts of cd's and videos and books and stuff on soul and rock music of the 60's.  John had a lot in common with him in that respect so had a lot to talk about.  I browsed through some books and discovered this photographic book that depicted the 70's era of "erotic comedy" tv shows.  It was basically nudy pictures but from a classic comedy show, and I could only guess that the premise was there would some kind of dramatic situation and of course the central woman would end up being topless or naked.  We were cracking jokes because Leo ended up giving that book to John, so now John had this italian book of nudy pictures at his disposal.
- We had a day off again, so we took our time sitting around in the late morning. After a few espressos, Leo and Silvatorre drove us down to a part of the town and we ended up in a quasi- famous restaurant.  Apparently the chef there was extremely successful and even had some kind of TV attention, his food known to be of exquisite quality within traditional italian cooking.
- In the restaurant it seemed like the middle of lunch hour for people.  It was very quaint and oh so traditionally Italian.  We sat down at a large table and essentially told the chef to serve us the works.  I swear that afternoon was a multi-orgasmic culinary experience.
-  I learned the Italian words for each course that was presented to us:  Antipasti (before the pasta - a garlicky dish of steamed arugula and spinach), Primo (first course - a tagliatelli pasta), Secondi (second course - a platter of pork, chicken, lamb and sausage), Insalata (salads/ greens - we also had roasted potatoes), Dolci (dessert -  A creamy cheese cake of fluffy ricotta and manicotti with a vermouth and sambuca based flavouring.  Bits of crumbled chocolate and raisins soaked with the alcohol.  Tiny crunchy cookies on top.  Oral orgasm. ), espresso and grappa.  The chef would serve us in person and stand there and watch our reaction as we took our first bites.  We were not obliged to show a superficial delight in the food, as our enjoyment was completely genuine.
- As we slowly made it out of the restaurant we thanked the chef. In this post-orgasmic high, food slowly churning and digesting in our stomachs, we made it back to Leo's place to get our luggage and gear.
- We loaded up, said our goodbyes and headed out to Valcenza. By then it was mid afternoon, I took this time for a little nap in the van. 
- I woke up to see that indeed we were already in Valcenza, but Silvatorre was looking for directions to our hotel for the night and was a little lost.  We made it out to the countryside and circulated around a little, our GPS indicating we had to go down this dirt country road.  As it was dark by then, it looked like we were turning of into oblivion, but after making a few calls to the hotel, we discovered that the GPS was correct. 
- We drove down the dirt road and ended up in front of these large gates.  The place was some kind of ancient Mansion or something.  I mean, fucking huge and very old and fancy.  This was our hotel and it was very .... regal.
- We got our rooms, which, each had different luxurious accomodations.  John's room had a fire place. 
-  Bobby, Averil and I shared a room, and we had a separate living room and kitchennete.  When we got to our room, we saw this gigantic bee on the floor of the bathroom.   We got rid of it, and then 5 minutes later we noticed a huge millepede crawling around.  Fascinating. 
-   After settling in we wandered around the building a bit and discovered the upstairs of the building.  There were bedrooms there as well, but it all connected to this giant sitting room/living room with a huge fireplace.  There were people already there and found out they were from Texas on a business trip.   Averil and I went up these back stairs and explored the depths of the attic floor.  I hoping we would find something scary and weird, but they were justy empty bedrooms.
- Appalled that we were hungry again, we set out to eat a late supper.  We ended up in this pizzeria with, I swear, over 100 types of pizzas.  We scoured through the menu and had another culinary experience. 
- Satisfied, we headed back to our hotel/mansion and crashed out. 
Inside the restaurant, where we had oral orgasms.

Um, so, how do you... uh... what ?

Leo's sweet pad

Grab something quick at the truck stop

This is our second room, aside from the bedroom

This is the grand living room.  Notice the Texans on the couch

Yep, those are friggin' mussels and unpeeled shrimp on a pizza

This is the back entrance to the mansion

... and then I stood there all night for this photo

This is where Bobby, Averil and I slept

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